To create most of our products we use natural wood l or high-quality plywood. We believe, that style and beauty should be eco-friendly. All our products are handmade and biodegradable. Each of our products is unique and different due to the varying nature of wood.

Please note, that products made of wood may be delicate and fragile if not handled with proper care. Please be aware of this when using your product.


Laser made boxes and other products are elegant and high quality. While cutting wood with laser we can achieve perfect precision. Your logo or any personal message will look exactly as you wanted.

Laser-cut wooden products can be assembled without glue and have smooth surfaces, so it’s safe for your family.


Want to surprise your clients or friends with cozy and eco-friendly packaging and gifts? We can make multiple gift boxes with the same design logo fora better price. Simply send us your ideas or choose one of our offers and we will produce for you what you need.

Wholesale orders start from 10 pieces. The price depends on the quantity.